Graphic Design

Get The Right Look For Your Branding

Many small to medium sized businesses overlook their graphic design and company branding. Too busy out in the market making sales and handling projects to think about your branding? Bluetail can help!


Graphic design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. The designer works with a variety of communication tools in order to convey a message from a client to a particular audience. The main tools are image and typography.


Today graphic design is everywhere. From signs and displays to video and web presence. Bluetail designs everything you could imagine or need for your business or organization.


Logo design is a huge part of your business image. Having a clearly defined brand that can be used across all mediums in your day to day business will give your company a solid feel to your clients. The more that your consistent branding is out in front of potential clients, the better chance you have for people to think of your business name and service when they are in need of your products and services.

The Process

Initial Discussion

From the first meeting, we will begin to learn about your brand and your goals and requirements to ensure that the services you receive are exactly what you need.


Budget / Timing

We will work with you to balance your budget and timelines while still creating a unique and captivating design. If you have a hard deadline in mind, let us know, and we can work with it in most cases.


Design Meeting

We'll set up a time to meet and chat about your vision and the concepts that might best bring it to life. We’ll dig deeper to learn about your business, goals and audience. We’ll refine them further into solid ideas that will allow us to create initial designs for you.


Concepts Presentation

This will be your first glimpse at what we’ve created for your designed items. Your initial response is always great, however it is usually best to ponder the design for a while after your first reaction and assemble your revisions (if any).



It’s normal to seek some fine-tuning here and there on your design.  If a revision request is made that Bluetail knows will break a "rule" of proper design then we will do our best to explain why before performing the revision request.



Once we have your final approval on the design, we’ll get whatever product or project live into the production schedule.

Already have Established Branding?


Bluetail can take your existing look and make it work across many platforms of marketing to give your business image the professional polish it deserves.

"Why should I hire a professional designer? I have the software on my home computer to do it myself."

Well I know how to cook myself, but every time I pay a restaurant to make me a meal it almost always tastes better, I never have to do dishes, and I can enjoy myself instead of slaving away making my own "creation" that most of the time ends up looking more like a concoction of a novice dog food maker then a professional chef.


Here are 7 points why you should hire Bluetail for your next graphic design project.


1. You don’t have time.


Business owners have a packed schedule. Putting off and procrastinating putting together that flyer or brochure does not do you any good. Leave it in the hands of a professional and get it done right in a timely manner.


2. You can’t afford not to.


So you have a layout program on your computer. After hour number 5 of wrestling with it as you learn how to use it for your flyer design, you might be smart to ask yourself how much money did I just waste with my time? You would have been better off paying a pro to design your flyer for $300 and you go off and make yourself $900 for that same 5 hours of lost time.


3. You are are needing your business to stand out.


If you have a monopoly in your market and no competition, then perhaps you don't need to have professional design work. But chances are your business is one of many in your area that performs and offers the same services or products.

Having a professional look can make your business stand out from the crowd.


4. You need to keep your look consistent.


Subconsciously we all form opinions about businesses based on how they choose to present themselves. Sure, you can use one font type on one add and another on a new ad, but keeping things consistent across as many platforms as possible will give your company that polished look that gives the viewer a feeling of stability and professionalism. Professional graphic designers have the experience and knowledge to make all of your marketing flow together.


5. You save yourself frustration.


OK, you have completed your master piece and have sent it off to some print provider you found. What happens when your blue flyer design comes back purple? Or the paragraph of copy you spend an hour developing has half of its content cut off by the image you painstakingly "cropped" in-correctly. Graphic designers has the experience and knowledge to see these issues and correct them before they become an issue.


6. You get a different perspective on your design.


Graphic designers have dedicated themselves to their craft like any other professional. They have trained their thinking to be able to think creatively or have just been born with it. By using a professional designer you will get a fresh perspective and new ideas towards your business image.


7. You are proud to present your marketing materials.


Have you ever been handed a business card or brochure from somebody that you instantly begin to look for a "circular file cabinet" to get rid of it? When you give a client an unprofessional marketing piece that you decided to make yourself, they feel the same way. Even choosing the wrong paper stock thickness or print provider makes a huge difference. If your marketing materials look and feel cheap and unprofessional, then your prospective clients will then associate your business service with being cheap and unprofessional. This makes it that much harder to make that sale. Not to mention the old adage - "You only get one chance to make a first impression."